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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It's snowing...well, it was and will again. I'm certain of it.
No dancing. Yes to cozy fire, steaming mug of tea, harp music, journal and dumb but interesting book. I am at present not intrigued by other people's drama, even if they are just characters in a novel. But it is engaging. Our writing class was shorter today. Once again, I nailed the projects. We had to show evidence that our students had used scissors and tape or glue today. Like I said, interesting.
Will and Little Feather gave me a Sacred Journal for Solstice. I am enjoying working in it.
We talked tonight. It has snowed quite a bit at the Field and the kittens are loving it. We made plans to gather in February.
I read up on the importance and symbolism of names in the Vietnamese culture. The word "Binh" signifies peacefulness. There are so many beautiful names. It will not be hard. S/he will tell me when we meet.
I received another bit of adoption news today. This may not seem like any big deal to those on the outside but every "hurdle" or hoop is another step that much closer to CHILD IN THIS HOME. The State of WA has seen fit to grant clearance to all of my paperwork and background. I am one of 15 waiting parents now in the program. I should hear momentarily from the prgram coordinator about the next set of hoops.
I spent some reflecting time looking at the snow, curled up next to the fire and in my Gratitude Journal. In it, for the past 5 years, I have been listing my blessings or thankfulnesses. There is a predominant theme:
*Walks with dogs
*Coffee in the morning in certain special cups
*The Olympic mountains
*dancing with my sisters
*My family of origin
My family of Choice
*Baking bread
*making soup
*Going out to dinner
*Book group
*My work as a teacher
*Walks in the woods
*My garden
*Herons and all my animal teachers
*My healthy body
*Christmas music
*early morning
*the RV
*prayer circles and Sacred Contract sharings
*tea in a Grandma Surridge Christmas cup
I am really missing my dogs tonight. The first thing I thought of after the slight frenzy of making sure that the dancers knew about the cancellation was to run home so I could get the dogs and we could go play and walk in the snow...it took me several breaths in the driveway to realize that they weren't here in that way anymore. The snow made me forget.................


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