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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Ditto, Brigie. wow...
Today was my first day back to work in this "new" year, and I enjoyed the peace, grace, and focus of everything. That will all change when the students return tomorrow!:)
I blogged up a storm last night, all about my super special walk at Shilshole and the thoughts, remembrances, "polar bears", herons, eagles, cormorants, sea lions, layakers, and Greman shorthairs. Then I went ot fix some bad punctuation and it all disappeared. bang, that fast! What a bummer...so trust me, it was good. I may or may not try again.

I am finally beginning to feel like myself. I had a wonderful holiday but I o'd on all the people and places. Time for some quiet, too. I know I did that on purpose so I wouldn't be alone very much. Now, it feels right.
And Hope IS finding me well.
Thanks for the prayer and faith sharing tonight, Mary J. The cheese sandwich was good, too. And that silly Christmas kitty.
This dark, quiet time holds such space and time for us to look at our Light within. I am also thankful for the extra large tarps at Fred Meyer's. So far, sogood with that lil ole RV in the backyard.


  • At 2:18 AM, Blogger thread girl said…

    Christmas kitty loves you! Although, around 6 pm, her stomach is anxious for food. She's helping me write this, with her paw and head on my left hand and lots of purring.


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