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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Bliss and Doghair.
That's how I have spent most of today, in both. I borrowed a dog. A sweet dog. Named Katie. A strawberry blond golden retriever-lab mix. We had three walks, two sessions with a peanut butter filled kong, mega playtime in the backyard, and a couple of naps on my little couch (Katie napped. I read Christmas stories). (Note to self:big dog-get bigger couch). She helped me unwrap over 60 presents from students and their families. We baked Christmas breads. We are also celebrating the good news about Mike and his healing. I am glad for this, for now. Thank You to All Healing Sources and Support. A sweet day with a sweet girl in a sweet place.
My social worker sent the latest draft of the Homestudy today. I found a couple of things to tweak but it is clear and workable. It goes to the Vietnamese "program" for final review. The okay should take a week and then it's ZOOM! Dossier stuff to complete and on its way to Vietnam (as soon as they put the ok stamp on WACAP).
I have decided not to put a tree up this year. I have simple decorations and lights, candles and well-placed greens. This will do. This is what my Heart and Energy want to do. So I will. I am enjoying everyone else's trees and decorations.
I managed not to get lost or overwhelmed at Northgate mall yesterday. YIKES!! What a bloody scrum--too much for the senses and sensitivities.
I met Miz Sister Teresa for coffee this early morn after working out. We did some good catching up and we're on for next summer (for now). I sure love and admire that lady. I also met someone that would likely give Bruce nightmares--Sister Linda came in later to meet with Miz Sister Teresa. As soon as she saw me, she knew I was a "Raney" and immediately asked after Bruce. Then she began to tell stories of Bruce and Tony Papsadero! I had a ball listening. Christmas Night dinner should be fun. Sr. Linda is now principal down at St. Anthony's in Renton.
I am not surprised the caroling and story-sharing isn't happening with the family of origin this evening. All is happening as it will and should.
I enjoyed a lovely evening of good food and Advent prayer, Christmas music and friendship with Mary J. and Christmas Kitty.
'Tis the season..and boy, am I ever in a place to celebrate with Gratitude, Peace, and Joy. God rest ye merry gentlewomen...


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