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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Count your blessings instead of your sheep....
1. Happy Birthday, Brigie!!!
2. Coli's coming home soon!
3. I heard from my adoption counselor that my care provider let her know that I am in "excellent health" (to quote) and that she is looking forward to the results from the mamogram to follow-up.
4. The kids at school are settling in-sort of-and it is fun, in a sad nostalgic kind of way, to see how much they can do for THEMSELVES when we are crafting together. It was sort of expected that we do this in our classroom--because it has been a tradition since they were in kindergarten. Oh, and please could we not make more ornaments-our tree is getting loaded (this whine brought to you by one of the triplets.) I calmly said, "No, we make ornaments and other cool stuff in here. Go read if you don't want to." (We shall see. This guy has been on my radar all week. pushing. pushing.pushing.) He doesn't know that I wear sweaters everyday to cover up the bricks that are my skin and brain armor. Unfortunately, like Smaug the dragon, I have a vulnerable spot right over my heart.
5. There are a couple of my students who have heard about Jonestown from me and now they are making their own line of Christmas cards and all proceeds go to Jonestown. I am their best customer (and only I think)
6. Day #4 of Decaf/No caffeine for me and no one has died at my hands directly yet. Yay! Headache beginning to subside.
7. Hour and a half massages are worth it (esp. when in decaf land as a recovering addict)
8. MAUDE! Come dance the finale with us in Mt. Vermin....really, it's only one step at the end if you want...and you can see Brigie blow out some more holes in her dress and say "Son of a ...." so loud that the new cute drummer who sort of likes her but comes from Indiana so he's completely not on her radar but who looks up and follows her with his eyes and wears a pink cape and head thing during processional...it would be a TON of FUN. We want you there. (How's that for pressure, Brigie?)
9. The 12 days gift from Monday: Sigh from good work done well. I love working the Homeless Dinner. Maybe I can help prepare food or get involved in another way next year. It helps me remember that we are all God's children. And I have nothing to fuss about AT ALL.
10. 12 days gift from yesterday; Listening to the quiet, soft voice of God and having a 4th grader ask me if that could mean how God talks to him in the "eye of the tiger" in the middle of an intense soccer game--that one's for you, Coach Raney. I put it back on him, but it made sense to me.
Off to a day of dance, glue dough crafting, and teaching about elapsed time. The ONLY question that my third graders could answer about that topic was how many days until CHristmas...they all got it right!


  • At 9:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'm going to try to make it to Mt. Vermin. I may have to go out with a client and Joey has a b-day party. Sigh. I need to give you a phone call re: Jakey boy. I'll fill you in later. XOXO, Maude

  • At 10:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    doesn't mean he's off the radar....Just means he's starting with a handicap!

    Thanks for the back up!



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