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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Snowing again and Christmas at Rockefeller Center on in the background...thinking of Colleen and wondering how she is doing. And how she can stand NYC. I can't even get a clear picture but what I can see is just crowded with people and more people. The music is lovely, the people I know like Lionel richie and Bette Midler. Lots I don't and they are wearing stupid outfits from what I can see. Those kind of mini-capes were all hot when I was in the 6th and 7th grade...It's been a couple of interesting days and nights. I went to the 5th Ave with Mom, Dad, and Mary J. to seee Irving Berlin's White Christmas. The music, costumes, sets, dancing, choreography, lines--it was delightful and we thoroughly were wrapped up in the production. It is also fun to people-watch. The only piece I didn't like so well was that they made us wait outside in the cold before hand for nearly a half an hour. Then, another wonderful piece of musical theater-The Sorcerer's Apprentice at the Seattle Children's Theater...and it was only OLF there! All the other schools had cancelled because of the snow. An amazing production--if your spirits needs lifting, your imagination needs a jumpstart, you're bored with ordinary reality, you know a child who needs to be in the presence of the Delightful and Creative-GO TO THIS PLAY! I want to go again and bring certain children-namely a bright 8 year old (and her sister)who always seems to be dancing and singing and wanting to do plays. I know they are headed off to Florida soon, but I am going to check. We even met the playwright. He had tears in his eyes from watching the OLF children watch his work and their responses to it. It was the very first preview and we were the audience-what a deal! It is a Caribbean/Creole-themed version of the original tale (not Disney-which isn't so bad just Disney)
We have a two hour snow delay today so I am waking up and then will decide how to use the extra home time. Need to do dishes, lesson plans, and finish the parenting plan. I am holding on to that one. Don't want to discuss it now. I am not depressed at this holiday time--just kind of not interested. I guess it is part of the grieving. I know it is and I just notice that I can enjoy something in the present, but what I miss isn't here. I can't have it here. I don't want it here in the painful old and not so old forms and they are here in my consciousness--and I have the feelings that go with that. No tidal waves just ebb and flow...and cramps. This change for women of a certain age is quite the deal-"Two-fer"--you get to have two moon cycles with two sets of cramps and accompanying witch/insomnia intensities in one month--Whoo-hooo! Who thought that one up?!? Bring on the caffeine, the exercise, the fleece, the bath, and the work--soon (maybe later) I will be too damned busy and tired to notice-so enjoy it while I can, eh?:)
Kenny G Christmas music--this is one of the plusses of living with yourself--you can play it all the time over and over and no one says a thing...


  • At 11:12 AM, Blogger thread girl said…

    I know what you mean. Christmas kitty only gives me a dirty look when I play the Dixie Chicks. What's up with that??!

  • At 5:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Rockefeller Center? Oh no, that is not New York, dearest. Those are tourists. And everyone knows they bite so we don't feed them and we stay far far away when they show up. Come visit and I will show you my New York!


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