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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Snow, lots of snow, blues, a fire alarm in the middle, and getting through the new slip jig with ease and few if any noticeable mistakes. That sums up the first Yuletide concert. It started snowing about an hour before and continued to come down solidly during the concert. Then right after the first half and the first dance of the second half, the fire alarm went off. Naturally, everyone headed outside into the snow and cold and dark. While we waited for the fire dept. to come, someone started to sing Christmas carols and a bunch of us joined in. Then there was a mini-snow ball fight between a three year old and his uncle and aunt. About half of the audience left at this time, and when we were given the all clear, we went back in and the show went on...our dance after that sucked. We were cold, hadn't run through it, and the music was too fast. Oh well.
When Philip and entourage went into the blues, it rocked the house. Rowan brought the house down when she danced today. Once was just the right number for her. I watched the snow in between, practiced my steps, and tried to stay in the ordinary reality that a year really has passed since the last set of concerts. The drive home wasn't nearly as scary as it seemed at first. Julie followed me home (thanks Jules) caravan style since i am not comfortable driving in the snow, but Subarus DO make a difference. Not as much snow here in the lowlands of Ballard as up north, but what a wonderful way to end the holiday weekend. Cozy fire going, hot cocoa, chair nestled near the front window for the wintry view, and a red flannel blanket. It was a day of wonders and wonderful. I even "heard" both my dogs barking with me as I went out to listen in the backyard and throw snowballs. Then I met someone named Chase going by my house with his dad. He was throwing snowballs at his dad and he aimed one at me. I told him he couldn't do that until we were introduced. He stopped, made eye contact, told me his name, asked for mine and then "We done now?" I said "Yup". He fired his off and I fired mine off. Then we both made another and fired it off at his dad! He's taking the day off anyway tomorrow. He'll recover...


  • At 3:17 PM, Anonymous coli said…

    i LOVE this post! it is so great. And I also love the idea of embracing the ordinary reality that got us from point a to point b. It somehow makes everything feel okay.


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