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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

We got it-our first official SNOW DAY!!!
Yesterday afternoon, I was busy correcting spelling papers and another teacher came in to say that it was snowing in Greenwood and sticking! That was all well and good...nice that the snow is getting closer to Ballard. It gets dark at 4.30 now so I couldn't see anything out the classroom window anyway. 15 minutes later she comes running down the hall and announces that IT IS TIME FOR EVERYONE IN THE BUILDING TO GO HOME AS IT IS ICING, SNOWING, AND PEOPLE ARE GETTING NUTTY ON THE ROADS. I took that as a direct command from On High, and Subaru and I were on our way home. An hour + later just from Magnolia to Ballard, there sat little cottage in the snow... IN THE SNOW! So, thus began a time of settling into a highbacked chair, cup of tea, flannel, great book (Eldest-thanks Joey-I am loving it!)And pretty much, aside from 12 hours of snooze, a long walk, working out, and thinking about doing the schoolwork I brought home, I've enjoyed this respite. I did go out to"play" but mostly just to listen-in and out of my Heart. The streets are icy here in the lowlands of Ballard. It was beyond brisk today in the sunshine and reminded me of the blizzard in Virginia that December. I am glad to be here. My mother instilled the right response to snow--get home safely, hunker down, stay there, invite others to hunker down,too, and enjoy the shift in the pace, the smell, the light, the cold...the Peace.


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