Mississippi Moments

Friday, December 01, 2006

On Plan B:
I am working on the parts about reconnecting with your passions and forgiving your mate...
The reconnecting with my passions part involves a diaper pail-go figure!
And the forgiving your mate part--this is the tough one right now---I miss our life together so much that I ache and cry especially when it snows or I see a beautiful tree or the ocean or when I hear a flicker or see that the rosemary is blooming even in the snow...and then I have to remember that it never really was real..or maybe it was...
..the other piece, the angry part, is sort of like a sorry piece of soggy potato stuck in the drain thingie in the kitchen sink when you've finished the dishes (some of us don't have a dishwasher and don't want one)...the meal is over, the dishes are all clean, and then there's this one stupid piece of muck that just won't be gotten scooped out and tossed in the compost bucket.
I am scooping and the bucket is open and ready...the fruit flies are driving me nuts though!


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