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Thursday, December 21, 2006

FWOOM!-Womb...and Hoom-Hoom.
Bright Solstice Blessings, Dear Ones. One of the most special days (and nights) in the cycle of the year for me.
It has been another wondrous day. What a day.
The Brother in the Overalls had me out to help put a few Greening People into the Earth today, with help from golden liquid, Grandma tea, Stone People, a pinecone, and a stone from the Poulnabrone Dolmen region of Eire.
We first placed a male-energied basalt angled just so toward the south east and that was the FWOOM! That Michaeline archetypal energy of power, light, connected and directed from earth to heaven, from heart to Bosom of Abraham.
Then we placed a rounded, multi-layered, mother-stone in the north-east, placed just so, with a cocooning, healing, holding energy. She holds secrets and layers that weather and storms bring to the surface. Going inward to grow, heal, reflect, renew, and remember. That was Womb.
Then the placing of the red maple, the music over the field, the snow on the mountains, the working together with intention and love, the sharing of stories (and single malt ambrosia), straightening the wind-tipped ones, and finding homes for variegated hollies so as not to interfere with a deer track...that was "the bomb" or in Entish :"HOOM-HOOM".
I learned what "hog fuel" was today. The horses will be much happier not having to sink into the mud.
I appreciate watching big boys and their toys. This toy was a dump trailer and a truck. It is art and precision and amazing.
Being near Dancing Cedars. Stellar Jays calling in the wind. Mud on my knees, face, and hands.
Getting a call from Mis Sister Teresa from Mississippi wanting to know more about the Celtic celebration that I keep at this time of year. She wanted to celebrate and observe it with her own sisters and since we all couldn't be at Newgrange today, she wanted to know what to do instead! (I think I may have made an impression-I was down in Jonestown for Summer Solstice and do it up right there-minus a bonfire. Burning garbage in the ditch really doesn't count.) So we shared some details and she and her sisters of origin were going to have their Celtic-ness in turn this evening.
I also heard from the Patriach of the Rising Matriachy that he, too, planted a tree in his meadow in honor of this special day.
I shared a fire and Irish mist with my Star-Sisters and big, healing yellow dog this evening. It was community time of sharing, listening, prayer in our presence, and treasured moments.
I spoke with my piper-buddy-brother today and other Dear Ones.
And I watched Volume II of Pride and Prejudice (well, mostly, when I wasn't sleeping through it.)
I am missing Fiona and Sadie tonight. I am honoring my ancestors and my Families of Origin and Choice.
I Breathe my Joy and Peace and Hope.
It has been a splendid day, a Holy day.


  • At 7:54 AM, Blogger Mark said…

    Thanks for making this a day that I will never forget. And for the piece of the Burren. XO M

  • At 10:35 AM, Blogger thread girl said…

    How wonderful to read about your marvelous Solstice! I spent the evening in our last choir practice before Christmas Eve-singing Christmas carols and other Christmas music. Fr. Doogan was really surprised with his surprise birthday party. Lots of people showed up to celebrate.


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