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Saturday, January 06, 2007

It is cold and the mountains are singing today!
I love walking out at Shilshole with good coffee (or bad coffee) with the wind in my face. Today there were lots of people walking dogs (what is it about guys who let their dogs shit and then pretend to look for something to pick it up with and then as soon as they think you are past them and not watching anymore, they walk off and leave the shit?!?) I wonder if that is a metaphor for other crap they pull....pardon my attitude for the gentlemen that are reading this. I know you wouldn't leave your own shit or that of your dogs or horses where it would cause pain or crap to other people. I saw three sets of guys do that today...no women were letting their dogs crap and not tending to it. I also checked in with several of my Beloveds today. It continues to be a good week. And it is TWELFTH NIGHT! I am going to celebrate with Turi with pho soup and see if I can get a Vietnamese waitron to teach me how to pronounce all of the Vietnamese words I am learning how to read but not say (YET!) We are going to talk about the Artist's Way. I am reading a great book right now. It's called "You Can Do It! The Merit Badge Book for Grown-up Girls. It's already a time of being aware of Power, Potential, Prayer, and Practice.
Maude, you will appreciate this little ditty. We had free-dress at school yesterday, so for the first time (like ever) I wore my "new" jeans with one of my new green sweaters.I also did my hair and wore makeup for the fun of it. In that movie "Must Love Dogs", you would call it a "boob shirt". Anyway, I was walking down the hall to pick up my students and I heard a couple of other teachers behind me talking'--WHO is that?" I turned around and they screamed and laughed. I went back and said "What's up, ladies?" (These are my 30 something team teachers). They told me that they were remarking about the totally cute ass on that woman and how well her butt looked in those jeans!! Can you believe it? After that, throughout the day, they sang my new theme song whenever I passed by them--"Brickhouse"...they also told me I need to wear more shirts like I had on because I never let my figure be seen like that around school...apparently (and I quote) I am stacked and I am cute. Heh! Heh! Made my day! So, I need to get another pair of these pants!! And where can I find a date???
Book group was lovely last night. We curled up and watched Harry Potter #1. Actually, I curled up in front of the fire and "listened" to Harry Potter and the discussion. It was one of the sweeteest, coziest Friday nights I have had in a long time. I love winter for stuff like that. I love the women in my book group, too. There is a lot of love, support, creativity, brain power, and life in this pack. And some awesome dogs and cats, too. I had a friend offer me a Brittney Spaniel today. 3 years old. I have to look it up. Don't know anything about them. I am having a tough time waiting for Vietnam to get off its governmental butt. I want to get this nest into gear. I want to..I want to...I want to...
Time to go to work for awhile and finish reading assessments and lesson plans. I love working out, too, but my knees are talking to me at the moment. I am looking forward to more prayer/share time with Mary J. this week and the chance to thank my Loving Creator for the good and the magic in my daily life. There sure is a lot of it!


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    You have a great ass - maude

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    I love it!!! You need to get Colleen to take you shopping....she's good at dressing up her sisters! :)



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