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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Women, We are the Soul-Ocean.
I read those today on my wall of words in my kitchen on the bottom of a poem. I like the sound of Soul-Ocean.
I'm really too tired to write much. I enjoyed a rhythm today with school, workout, food, more work, a lesson in something I have wanted to learn in over 10 years, and tea with dear friends. I ate un-chicken soup today because I have missed the taste and smell of that precious commodity in these dark, dark, damp days. I am thankful that I have the resources to pay for heat when I am too tired to fire up the woodstove. And there are layers of comforters and quilts to crawl beneath at the end of a long day. The children were themselves today. I am thankful for that, too. And I am wondering if it is going to be okay to eat a lot of toasted cheese sandwiches, soup, fruit slices, mac and cheese, quiche, and veggie burgers. That is all I seem to cook on a regular basis. There won't be any pork roast at this house although I have wonderful memories of the cozy feel, smell and taste of that homey dinner Mom used to make. I might add pizza, veggie meatloaf, potatoes, vegan field roast, and lots of homemade veggie stews of sorts. We will eat alright. We will eat together and often. We will have lots of picnics. We will eat in front of a cozy fire-alot. We will nibble toast in bed. And in a tent in the living room...and in the backyard. Can you tell that my thoughts are on things to come? Being "adoptively pregnant" has its suckage. I am not complaining---well, so what if I am. It's been 7 years!! It's time to get that damn governmental stamp in gear....I am also wondering how I am going to work out on a regular basis with baby. It is critical to my mental and emotional well-being. I can't see myself up at o dark thirty with a baby jogger. Up and out with Shelties was a completely different thing and that all changed when there wasn't a man about the house. I will have to give this some thought and energy and come up with a plan. The Leslie character on my walking workout video is tolerable when I watch her reflection in one of my paintings, but sometimes she annoys the heck out of me...but it's one heck of a great workout. The treadmill is too big and it's still broken (although I do have the tools to fix it). That's another option and it's going out in the garage. Jumprope-another option. Okay, that's three.
I am teaching my first Powerpoint lesson tomorrow. I am excited! I have a great tutor myself and she gets it.
Soul-Ocean....what does that mean? I will ask the Moon...


  • At 11:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thank you for your words. I love you and appreciate all that you have to share with me. You are going to be an incredible mother and have so much love and experience and wisdom to share with a child.....you have certainly had enough practice with me and miss colleen.....we'll be the unruley teenagers for a while....and you can focus on your beautiful baby that is to come. I appreciate you and am so blessed and thankful to have you in my life.

  • At 7:18 AM, Blogger MihErn said…

    T'anks, Brigie!!!


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