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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Dance your dance.Sing your song. Tell your tale.-Frank McCourt
Kinds of sums it up, don't it. I just finished a sweet, reflective time of prayer and sharing with my dear Mary J. I treasure our times together. It just places things in the right place and space. It also feels very Life-giving to me putting priority for time and energy toward prayer, Bible study, and reflection. The air is certainly colder than a little while ago. I am too tired to make a fire but will look for that tomorrow. Today was a good day. Spent most of it at work finishing up a somewhat pointless writing project for another installment of our class which happens tomorrow afternoon. If it isn't cancelled, then it will only be three more times and then we are finished! I will have to see what kind of credit we can arrange for all the work. I have a perfect "grade" and I have done the work even though I have had to miss at least half of instructional time because I CHOOSE to teach dance. So there. I intend to get a perfect score the entire bloody class just to show that prof. Old stick in the mud.
Kim McMonagle made me cry this morning-in a good way. She is our MSL specialist, and a mighty fine one. i love having her on staff. She came to me before school and told me about the number of my former 2nd graders who are signed up to prepare for Confirmation. She said there was discussion among many parents last night about how the seeds of spiritual growth and faith were deeply nurtured while those dear students were on "my watch"...I thank God for having had the chance to be in the right place at the right time with the gifts to do the Work for Abba, and to step out of the way when it was necessary for the Holy Spirit. One of those rare moments of synchronicity when you finally get to experience the fruits of the labor. It has happened three times in the past few months in very specific ways. Powerful ways. I have made a difference..and I still do.
I finally contacted the Vietnamese America dental hygienist today and left a message asking for language lessons. I also ordered a little book and CD from ebay. ebay is dangerous, like amazon. I am making one effort or action everyday toward this family growing reality. I have spent some time on the internet this week learning about other things to do to prepare. I am beginning with a Life Book. I will be contacting all my sibs, family of origin, family of choice for pictures. I will get a digital camera to begin taking photos of this little cottage and dear-to-us places and activities. Then it will be ready for the little one and I will make one for the Vietnamese "aunties" who take care of the babies. They love to learn about where their dear one will be living and with whom and what life will be like in their new homes. I have also learned that many of the "aunties" like to write letters from Vietnam to the child during their early years to help them with questions they might have later in their life. It helps build relationship. I believe it helps build peace and understanding.
I went to a panel/class last night at REI on Nature-Deficit Disorder. It was packed, standing room only and full of panel members from different programs and organizations committed to supporting getting children and families out into nature and the outdoors. It was phenomenal. There are so many programs and there is such a need. This is the first generation (the present one) of children who have a "disconnect" from nature and a lack of relationship with the outdoors. For most kids, the only time they get outside is in structured chores or organized sports. An interesting correlation-the highest percentage of obese kids in the US and the highest percentage of kids signed up for organized sports. Don't get me wrong. There's not all wrongness about organized sports, but it is not the same thing as just getting outside for unstructured play, exploration, being time. We are lucky here in Seattle in a sense because of our parks and beaches. We have the mountains and the Olympic peninsula close, etc. I was truly impressed with the Wilderness Awareness School' representation last night. There is something there for me-I can feel it and I can taste it. It is almost into beingness if I want it and seek it. These are the same kind, connected people who come to the ceilidhs in Duvall. We shall see.
AS a result of last night's class though, I had a Brigie-type dream-a shocker, one that left me nauseous, on the edge of a panic atttack, sick in my heart, frustrated. I dreamt that I was in a large room in a house and it was my desire to get the kids in the house outside in the beautiful woods behind the house. The kids in the house were playing video games and watching t.v. My own baby was also in the house. I was wrapped in a black chador or burqa--the kind where even your eyes are concealed by mesh. I knew I wasn't supposed to leave the house without being covered up entirely but I didn't care. I kept trying to get rid of the burqa and to get the kids outside. I couldn't even reach my own child because I kept tripping and being wrapped in this black fabric. It was AWFUL! This went on all night. I even tried to sleep in and not work out (mistake) hoping that some resolution or aid would come in the dream, No such thing. I went to school exhausted, on the verge of a migraine, and anxious from the emotions and power in the dream. I know the sacrifices and benefits of staying in the city, staying here in Ballard, working with city kids, the life I choose, the life I will choose and create for my family and dogs to come. It was still very disheartening and took all day to get rid of the headache and the pent-up energy with a good workout at Curves after school. I have a desire this year to find someone who will go with me into the rainforest on the south fork of the Hoh for a few days of backpacking.
Tomorrow is Brenin's birthday. I am so glad that you chose to come to Earth at this time in this way. I am glad you chose our sister and our family to be a part of. Happy Birthday, Dear One.


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