Mississippi Moments

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The best of all worlds right here...this morning while walking HIs Squishiness, the mist off the water was slightly tainted with that distinctive Ballard salt air...just so...just home..and then there was the flashback to walking Her Fierceness and the Princess back in our neighborhood in Fredericksburg, Virginia which happened to be right behind a still working dairy farm...that eau de cowshit...and it was right here in Ballard this morning with all the weekend gardeners embellishing their little plots of NW prairie...it doesn't get better than that.

And one more thing..I came out of denial about something really important..I am officially middle-aged and I looked at those crazy, longer than all the rest, wildly curly eyebrow hairs this morning--that only happen on women of a certain age and I acknowledged they were there...and then they weren't!
I go forth with Love today...and a Grateful Heart.....and doghair.


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