Mississippi Moments

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Cedar has homework, too.
I am blessing Miss Jenny for the gift of this thing.
It's purple and rubbery. It looks like a prototypical Marsian cartoon spaceship, EXCEPT it has holes in it so when I put dog kibble in there, Squishy Jr, has to push it around, pop it, toe it, tip it, turn it, pick it up and toss it, etc. to get his first breakfast...and I can do this (or real HW). Genius some people! It keeps him busy for the better part of 20 minutes.
He is still gimpy and his back leg keeps 'giving out". I will have that checked out. I see physical therapy and exercises for this. He was born this way. It doesn't stop him in the least but it may impact his chances to do agility. We shall see.

We take G Raney out onto and into the water today.
It's time.
I get to bring the piper. Life doesn't get a whole lot better than this.
Grandpa gets to be with Grandma in heaven to watch the whole thing and he might even send an angel to spark a fight between Michele and Paula. That would be just like him...and then Grace would turn, smack her lips tightly together, nudge him in the gut with her elbow, and say, "Oh, Paul". And he would giggle and grin and do it again.That's my grandfather!

This morning's walk was glorious and peaceful. The sky, the blossoms, the scents, the warblings and calls....Morningsong fits.


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