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Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Cavemen aren't just on the Geico commercials...
I've met a few in recent weeks. (Here's the interactive part for the audience. Put two fingers from each hand side-by side on either side of your head and curl them simultaneously while saying the word "dating" so that when we come to that part in today's blog, you'll be ready and feel better about yourself for your active participation. We might then do it several times so you feel really good about yourself. Last night I learned that when you do this sort of thing with a group or a class several times with a modeling, it is called "massed practice....DUH!!!! If you do it here, I can feel good about myself because you helped me do my homeowrk.-SIGH.
Back to the Cavemen/"Dating" thing...(How did it go for you? Did you do it? With confidence?)
I've been having "fun" the past few months trying out the "dating" thing....and this time, it's at trip..really. Not to go into dirty details, but let's just say that therapy has paid off and continues to do so. Think Aretha. Think the song "Respect". Think boundaries and someone who has a LIFE and ABUNDANCE and HOPE and SQUISHY Jr. It's all good. ...Dang, where was I? Oh, yeah, Cavemen, "dating", Aretha, therapy...so I went for a pint this week at Conor's with another guy, the asst. women's rowing coach from the UW. He seemed nice, cute, funny. Then it got weird. What are you supposed to think when you are having a pint in a great pub, Dale Russ and friends are in the background playing some of the finest Irish music you will ever hear, you are listening to someone talk about these amazing places around the world where he goes to recruit the finest women crew athletes in the world (?-will need to ask Loolie about that one?), and when you ask him about what he likes to do
in these amazing historical places when he's not working and he says (and I quote)"I like to sit at espresso cafes and watch people until they kick me out then I go to another one and do the same......more conversation...oh, and I notice the prostitutes under the bridges." (try again. Same idea-different question from me-I do this with children all the time, all day-good that the work skills are helping out with the "dating" scene)...same kinds of answers. And to top that, he doesn't read (well, maybe the paper), doesn't play, has no hobbies, doesn't pray, won't talk about his family or friends.....and I start thinking, "Hmmmm, I believe the 4th graders told me about cavemen on the tv and Holy Empty Toilet Paper Roll, Batman! I have one here! To say the least, we talked more, walked some, etc. He got the totally wrong impression about me or came with it or carries expectations around...I know Dad reads this, so I won't go into detail, but I think there was something about Friends "with benefits" in there somewhere. Except, there were no "friends" involved...more like Monopoly but different rules-pass go, do not collect $200, win game.......except I am not playing THAT GAME!!!! (throws head back, bares teeth, and laughs uproariously because I can spell uproariously and I know what it means! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA!)
There are certainly more stories to tell. More Cavemen. It's a hoot. Stay tuned...p.s. Harp Boy is still in the picture. We just talk..and listen. And smile. Would like to visit more often. I'm working on that one. But not too hard. Actually not "working" on it at all to be completely honest. That got me in a heap of trouble the last couple of times...not going there again...doing this a different way... Asking and waiting to see what will unfold...Ladies, sing with me ,"MAMAS, DON'T LET YOUR BABIES GROW UP TO BE CAVEMEN!..."


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