Mississippi Moments

Monday, April 16, 2007

Absolutely incredulous over what has happened in Virginia today.
My heart and prayers go out to the hurt and slain and their beloveds and to the community. We need peace.
Had a good, long first day back at school.
Cedar had a good, long day at doggie daycare. There are five dogs plus Squishy there this week. He was bleary eyed and wobbling when I brought him out after work today. He was bushed...and happy.
My prayers and thoughts of support are going out to my Beloveds that are in need of this.
We had a good visit with my friend up in Port Townsend and her frisky, willful, cute Corgi named Dolly. She was Elizabeht Bennett and Amy March all rolled up into a corgi-suit with the ears and voice to match. I thought Fiona had something to say about every little thing...I was wrong!:) It was funny to watch goofy boy-puppy around She who runs everything and is center of her universe...she had a few things to say to him which we shall not repeat in front of our gentle readers.
I am reading a funky book for bookgroup-Daughters of a Coral Dawn. Hmmmmm...interesting....I am still reading. Maybe this is a good sign.
I finished Anne LaMott's Thoughts on Grace (eventually). Great book. Read it. Chew it. Swallow it. Then write your own. Or at least think about it.
Enjoyed time with my wise friend, Turi. Wild succulent woman, that girl. Hee-Hee.
SHe gave me some good things to think about...which I did on our predawn walk this morning. Cedar is going through a phase where he can literally only do one thing at a time, for a very long time. "Sit" means...for ten minutes. sigh. Down the stairs--what's that? ANyway, it makes our walks perfect for contemplation. He remembers to walk right next to me until he remembers to pull or be distracted...and the birds are alive and songful at that time of day. Very gentle way to start out...time for more prayers and loving supportive thoughts...


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