Mississippi Moments

Sunday, March 25, 2007

So, my dog is growling at his own reflection in the woodstove (which obviously is Not ablaze at the moment)...sigh.
It has been an interesting weekend. The anti-ache drugs from Val are kicking in and I am beginning to feel like myself again. Go Tylenol Arthritis! Thanks to Thread Girl for helping me out in my classroom today. I also was able to do some yardwork in the front with the Meister in his dog-pen. We also played some rousing hide-n-seek and I think he has forgotten that I shut his ear in the back door this morning before church (it was awful to hear him) and that I stepped on his foot during Sheltie ball this afternoon...this flu/crud/aches/can't get warm/bad mood sludge thing that I have is not helping me enjoy time with my dog. I want it done with now, please. Tried to do homework last night and got some finished. I am not ready for this week but here it comes anyway. One would never know that we have had three days without the students. Tomorrow, I need to be rested and patient for time with the students. Made plans to go to Copalis Beach with Mary J. and Cedar for a few days over spring break. Looking forward to that in a big way. Have plans to get the RV serviced and ready for future explorations...'Tis the season for mowing and yardwork. Boy, did I love the feel and smell of the moist earth on my hands this afternoon. One plus for the daylight savings time. I do not like to walk in the dark but the evenings have their plus side. I hope I can work out tomorrow. That should help with moving this energy off and out.................


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