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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Kids make me laugh.
And I can't even remember right now what it was that made me laugh, but there were a couple of belly-roars out of me today and I am still feelin' the reverb...Being contented. There's a alot to be said for that.
Sheepdog Seamus is at my feet gnawing on a thing.
I went to the first session of Puppy manners and Dog Training R US out at SHoreline tonight.
It's going to be work and worth it.
He's doing well in doggie daycare twice a week learning how to hang out with big dogs, other dogs, other people, cats, kids, and get training on the days when my shedule is busy with work and dance.
It's an investment to be sure.
Hearing Altan this week in person was an absolute Heart-Awakener and matched the Greening that is happening all around and in us.
Must work in the garden. It's difficult with the class I'm taking and all that work requires. In bits and pieces...
In Sacred Prayer time this week, the question is: How can I be still and be more present to God's purpose in my Life?
At school, we have learned that the original word for "repentance" in Luke's Gospel was "metanoia" which branches out into "meta=beyond "nous"=mind...no, it doesn't mean you are out of your mind, crazy...it literally means moving out your present state of mind and opening yourself up to God's loving Presence and Healing. So many of Jesus' miracles were an "opening up"--opening the eyes to see the face of the Son of God, opening ears to hear words of compassion and love, opening the tongue/muteness to praising God and singing...an opening up.
There are many Blessings here and now:
*the forsythia in the front garden is beginning to pop open
*Maude is healing and feeling better
*Cedar is learning to live without Bindi
*I am learning that it's okay that I have to follow different rules and I don't get to go to VIetnam to pick out a child and then three months later have all the paperwork validated by a top Vietnamese official...
*Sleep is a very good thing
*God -daughter is coming Home...I hope that it is home to herself and her peace...all else will flow from that.


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