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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Double duty...
We walked in the hail/snow today as February goes out with a whoosh! White speckles and sparkles on these special ones.
Both Lydia and Jean came by today for walks and training and time outside. And then two walks with me.
It was a tiring day. Good dancing.
I have a bit of a leash on the kids at school, particularly the 4th grade boys. Let's just say a kind of "edge" showed up for the first time. I acknowledged it and then let them know that it didn't change anything. If they want to argue, make an appointment. I argue at 12:15 and 3:15. Mostly, I listen to them argue and then come back with devil's advocate and the dialogue is on. I had two yesterday over late cursive assignments. I listened. restated the standards and expectations. showed them the documentation. waited for more arguing and blustering....and then there was silence. oh. bummer.
looking forward to the family ceilidh on Friday night at the Ballard Curves 7;15-8:15pm-for the Ballard Food Bank.
I'm perpetually in a state of gratitude or delight lately, except when I want a nap. I like knowing Hard Work+Done Well+Feels Good. That's how my life feels lately. I am also in a place of listening and quiet lately. I am loving these early morning walks. And I love working out at Curves. It just works for me. I started out with a goal of 1 pull up. Now I am up to 3 and have set a goal for 4. I am looking forward to the Dash with freewaydiva. I have munched my way through a week's worth of tofu hash that I cooked up the weekend Cedar came home. I enjoyed nearly every bite and it made the house smell good--cooked in.
laundry this weekend. Spalding class on Saturday-class #3. We are sure learning some valuable tools for teaching MSL to students of all ages and abilities and needs..spelling, writing, reading, comprehension, speaking, and grammar. Old-fashioned but works like a charm...I better get my homework done tomorrow night. Off to bed...after I set up the scene for tomorrow. It moves fast in the morning.


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