Mississippi Moments

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A quiet day.......for mardi gras.
Enjoyed prayer time with Mary J. today, even though it was a bit distracting with the LIttle Man deciding he was going to get cute and curious all at the same time.
Did Curves.
Ran some errands.
Cooked up purple potatoes, tofu with green onions. eggs...made hash for the week to come.
Mom and Dad came by for tea and to meet Cedar. Good visit. He peed right in the living room because I was so busy visiting that I ignored our schedule and it was time for "last out"...I'm learning...
I'm still not rested.
Dance tomorrow.
Got all my lunch stuff together for the next weeks.
Thinking about the "Forty for Forty"--for Lent, 40 minutes a day of things you choose to do to bring you closer in your relationship to God...be it prayer, walking, reading, Bible study, meditation, journaling--whatever spiritual practice(s) that are Life-giving to you and this relationship...as oppposed to the traditional-give up something, sacrifice something, fast--all of which are fine but overdone. Time to think about this Lenten journey a different way.


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