Mississippi Moments

Monday, February 19, 2007

All in a day...
In the past 24+ hours, Cedar was introduced to the following:
1. Will and Little Feather, Rosa and her dog
2. The Field
3. 5 cats
4. 11 deer up close
5. 6 female elk
6. ravens
7. a marsh hawk
8. sheltie ball in the lower garden-great fun!
9. Grandmother Cedar
10. Miss Jenny, Abbie, Mr. Ritchie, and Emme-that was a trip! (It's Miss Jenny's birthday:)
11. logging trucks
12. milk trucks
13. garbage trucks
14. rolling garbage cans
15. how to ride in the car for 3+ hours (with hourly breaks) without whning and by curling up in a ball at the back of the crate and wait until it's over
16. Scott and Lisa McLean
17. Fletcher and Val, two new-to-me chairs and a bookcase
It's been a busy day.
Me, the crazy dreams are over. I've enjoyed some wonderful homemade wine from Lopez Island. There's a fire in woodstove. The rain and wind are beating against the house. It is cozy in here and quiet. Better not get too used to this!


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