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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

So I want you to picture something with me...and it is real because I was there and am there, still.
Tonight, me walking with the Thing-Things. Bindi on one side--she doesn't need her face thing/gentle leader anymore and Cedar without the choke collar. No pulling, no stress, no nightmare. A calm, purposeful walk. I look forward to all the rest being just like that. It has taken 6 days of intense, constant training and practice--but there it is. I want you to picture the following--because it is all real, too:
*Bindi and Cedar waiting in their crates with the doors open until given the ok to come out and then sitting or standing quietly while they are leashed for outside or walk.
*Bindi playing"ball" (Catch in the air and return to me or Lydia) and "Free ball" _ you go get it and bring it back for another throw.
*Bindi leashed and tied to the fence and watching quietly while Cedar and I parade by--no jump, no bark, no nothing.
*Cedar-on his way to the same thing but it takes him about 10 "reminders" with the lime spray.
*Both dogs sitting and not having a reaction to me getting out of my car on either side of Lydia--that one took awhile and I thought I was going to pee my pants because it was the Sheltie with the pea brain and huge will (is Cedar channeling Fiona and Sadie?)that had an opinion about everything and said it and got blasted and continued to have something to say (he joined the right pack, didn't he?)
* Bindi watching quietly while Cedar played ball alone.
*Cedar sort of watching quietly while Bindi got to play Free Ball with Auntie Lydia.
*Love(stroking, playing, talking, touching all parts) sessions on Cedar with no bite or opinion.
*Love sessions on Bindi(same as above) with no bite or opinion ( takes longer with more reminders for her but we get there).
*Both dogs peeing and pooping on command at all times in under 3 minutes, usually 2.
*Lydia--who does agility/obedience/confirmation and other mega-dog training stuff-said that Bindi has HUGE potential to be an agility champion--she is that smart, willing, quick, perceptive, trainable, and talented. She knows just the woman to teach her and has already contacted her about Bindi...and also about LIttle Mouth coming to puppy manners class up in Shoreline.
+By tomorrow, Bindi will have learned not to jump on other dogs' heads. They hate that. It's bad manners. It might get her head bitten off one day if she does it to the wrong dog.
*Erin learning how not to be tense when another dog jumps on my dog and how both of us can learn to handle it without stress, fear, or reaction. I'm growing toward that standard.
*Walking in my neighborhood again in the early, early mornings, the afternoons and in the evenings, rediscovering my neighbors, the new homes and townhomes, the gardening projects (all this I am really enjoying) and also, (learning where live the pitbulls and Rottweilers),
*I am like Bindi--I need a job...mine needs to be caring for other beings in my home. This has been hard, challenging, and the best. I have a purpose beyond school and dance...and beyond me. I have to plan, practice, and ration my energy. I set lunches, kongs, treats, puppy blaster, clean socks, hat with miner lamp, coat, sweater, and coffee stuff ready for the next day. I have figured out my idea to make a million dollars. When you have two puppies that need proper training and you are committed to doing it, you walk ALOT. You forget to eat (yes, this is true!!) You have to sleep more ( more beauty rest). You have to keep your sense of humor and be present to the thousands of ways the puppies make you laugh! (laughter keeps you young)You get healing touch--a ton!(not quite a massage but right up there)- so it's a natural anti-depressant. You drink lots of water just like the puppies so you learn solid hydration habits. And you have to do it everyday so it requires careful planning and attention to where you put stuff in your home so (maybe) things will stay a little neater (better than a clutter coach).
*They are sleeping in their crates and I am going to correct Lit. Circles work. It has been a good day.
It would be nice to learn how to do something just a little half-assed or more appropriately, "good enough". Where these puppies are concerned, that wasn't the issue--but where my kid will be --this will be a valuable skill.


  • At 9:08 PM, Anonymous coli said…

    It is pretty awesome to read what can be accomplished in a mere 6 days...another whole world has been created, hasn't it? Do you get to rest on the 7th?

    and...i would be happy to teach you...

  • At 5:11 AM, Blogger MihErn said…

    T'anks! It IS another whole world where their BIG little spirits can be themselves in ways that delight and complement the family rather than cause insanity and chaos...I don't want to rest yet...5 days to go...and I look forward to the lesson. Love you!

  • At 10:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Wow! What do you think about me sending 2 boys for 10 days??? Just kidding. Or am I? :)

    I love reading your blog from here. I can't wait to see Bindi and marvel at all you have done. I'm anxious to learn from you and Lydia to make sure I continue the training and not take steps back. I'm a little unsure and apprehensive but we can chat about that later.

    xoxo, maude


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