Mississippi Moments

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Auntie Lydia's Rule:
Pups together don't have to play,
but they must be good citizens

The Calapalooz's getting
so fit you see,
she's walking her buns off--
quite literally.

We walk in the front,
we train in the back,
The Thing-Things forget it,
but the 'Palooz is the Queen
of the Pack!

Auntie Lydia gave
more tips that sure work,
we try them and use them
the 'Palooz she won't shirk.

LImes aren't just for margaritas
you know,
they help stop the Thing-Things
when after something they go.

Auntie L really said lemons
in water that sprays,
but the Palooz had only limes
in the fridger that day.

And a light sheet
that covers the crate like a bird,
toss the can with the pennies,
and the screams won't be heard.

And Thing 2 with his
"I'm top dog" attitude,
He's learned some nice manners
and his breath's not so rude.

For Binaca
is useful in so many ways,
it helps with the Thing-Things
by night and by day.

So, please don't think
it's all work and all rules,
there's plenty of playtime,
and running and drools.

We're lovin' and playin'
and enjoyin' our hours,
with treats and sweet strokings,
it's quite the opposite of dour.

The Calapalooz doesn't mind it,
the whining, kisses, and poop,
but she would like a little
less fuzz in her soup!


  • At 5:17 PM, Anonymous coli said…

    You seriously need to publish this as a pseudo-children's book with illustrations and the whole nine-yards. I told you this blog would lead to a book!!

  • At 7:56 PM, Blogger MihErn said…

    i'll think about it, yes i will
    but chasing the thing-things
    leaves little time to be still!

  • At 11:28 PM, Blogger thread girl said…

    You are cracking me up! What a great poem! And so full of truth!


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