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Friday, March 02, 2007

And the day is done..almost.
I still have to do my Spalding homeowrk because I have class tomorrow.
Just let the dogs out one more time..man, I almost started singing that song---you know the one...
Any-hoo, did the Curves ceilidh..those Curves women talked a good game but when it came down to put up or shut up, only two showed up. The rest of the the folks were MY friends and relations! That says alot and it was for a good cause for the Ballard Food Bank. The musicians rocked. It was fun.
Still some issues at school with a particular student. Said student wasn't in the classroom 3 seconds this a.m. when said student slapped another smaller kid across the cheek. He was out of our room faster than you could say "Oh S--it." and down to the office...and all I could say was "You're done." and I meant it. Still do. Where's my lime juice when I need it?!?!
Puppies had an interesting day. We have pictures to prove it.
Alice came with Auntie Lydia to Fair Isle mudbowl today. Apparently, all she (Alice, not Lydia) has to do is curl her lip and Bindi goes into groveling, "i'm not worthy"--here-let-me-turn-over-on-my-belly-in-the-mud-for-you-O-Great-One" and Cedar--he is walking around with Bindi's leash in his mouth the whole time, walking her in a circle! Then when Alice did a little-"let me show you what the big dogs can do" and she sat, picture Bindi on one side of her and Cedar also, sitting unbidden--an Alice sandwich! Apparently, we have mice here at Fair Isle in the basement. This is Alice's job-her real one-and she went straight to the basement and was doing her work sniffing them out (and she is trained to catch and kill mice and rats) and was not happy to have to come out without bringing Lydia a "present". I will set traps after I try to talk to them tomorrow. There isn't anything for them to eat down there...
We had a long and lovely walk in the rain this afternoon. It was lovely also to watch the snow come down this morning at school. I have a lot of cleaning and schoolwork to do this weekend.
I hope Loolie had a wonderful birthday. I forgot to call her but I thought about her all day! Happy Rebirthday, SIstah!


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