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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Bourree and Dash Away!
It's been a weekend...Friday didn't end so well at school. I have some apologizing to do as Iit into my students at the very end of the day...it was not a good way to end the week.
Cedar and I just returned from our first walk at Shilshole from the spot where He-With-Concrete-In-Leg-Stood all the way down to the restored nature wetlands and the end of the beach and back again. The warm, blustery Pineapple Express Wind did a number on our respective red curls. We chanced to meet other dogs, kids, frisbee throwers, kite flyers, sailors and boats, windsurfers, kingfishers, seagulls and crows,...and sand.

And boy did we Dash this morning, Diva et Moi! In Keane dance dresses and tiaras! Now I can say that I have danced ON the viaduct and through the finish line! It was fun! Doable! Fun! And the wind and hard rain hit just at the end! I loved being part of the "mass" instead of just at the finish line as part of the 'entertainment'! And I heard "Ms. Raney? MS. RANEY!! no fewer than three times(School parents/kids) during the Dash and one "oh my gawd, is that like...a Keane dance costume? That was like my first dance school costume and you're wearing it."

And I learned to French country dance last night right here in Ballard. I learned several bourees. It was fun, too. These dances all begin on the left foot. They only have two parts and were similar in many ways to what I know and teach. I might have to go to Value Village and find a swirly skirt to wear. The instructor speaks French and goes to Curves. That's how we met. I will plan to go again. It's once a month. Live music with French bagpipes (small, beautiful), hurdy-gurdy and fiddle. We also danced a circle dance called a Circassian Circle--apparently this dance is a common one in many traditions. It is important in French dancing to acknowledge one's partners. Learn something new. I can check off my healthy brain activities for the weekend.
I baked a couple of quiches and blueberry muffins and the house smells good. I loaded enough wood indoors till the end of April, I believe.
Two long naps-3 hours each, and I can almost feel my good humor returning. And I had class Friday night and I stayed late and did half my homework. Now it's time for lesson plans (maybe after another nap ;)


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