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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

"There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm"--Willa Cather
I was reading over all the past musings from last summer in Jonestown and enjoying the recall. It was just like being there.I'm also enjoying being here, now, and what's unfolding today. 9+ hours of deep, restful sleep on a full moon night can do wonders for a body...at least, mine. Bliss, actually. Report cards are finished and this time, it was different...in front of a cozy fire, glass of wine, sleepy puppy, all at home. Love those laptops! And throw in a trip down to the Field with with a carload of kids and pup for a sweet time...not bad and it's not even spring break yet.
The car trip was uneventful and pleasant (as car trips go). We stopped off at Avis's to have a cup of tea, a playbreak, and to get my slippers. It was a short, lovely visit. The family is really missing their dear Puck. They shared photo after photo. They are putting a website together. The kids enjoyed playing in the castle out front and with the wooden trains inside. Avis knows kids. And now she's a grandma. We spent the rest of the time munching animal crackers and telling stories in the manner of NW Coastal traditions. Our favorites (I took a poll of the audience) were How Raven Freed the Sun and Osprey and Orca. By the time we got around to Osprey, Orca, their Kids named Cyborg and BeastBoy and a girl named Starfire, we were at the Field! Cedar survived the drive and the best part was heading up into the forest with Will to bushwhack and explore. So many of the big, old trees were down in sections that the younger trees were dancing, leaning, and singing in the wind. We were jumping logs, climbing, falling, running, slipping. Cedar had a ball. I have never seen a Sheltie grin quite like that on him. He was one tired boy by the time we headed down. That was the best for me and my spirit. I needed to be in the trees with the only sounds were the birds and the trees themselves. The holes underneath some of the bigger trees that had blown down were as big and deep as my house in tall and long. Did some letting go into one of those holes. I hadn't really realized that I was grieving letting go of the students that I have been teaching for five years straight. That will end in just a few weeks.
It was quite fun hanging out in the house with the kids and AUntie Bean and Uncle Wiggley. Toward twilight, Tasha said"Turn on the lights. We can't see. Someone turn on the lights, please." We grown-ups looked at each other and laughed. This was the beginning of teaching these darlings about life off the grid. That was the teachable moment about candles. Then there was lighting the fire (chopping wood came before that). I enjoyed the "Where do I flush?'...well, you don't. That's a compositing toilet. Here's what you do." Then there was the how do you pump water to wash your hands? Cedar did not like the sound of the old-fashioned water pump (think Helen Keller old style). We fixed that. In the morning was, "turn on the fire, please"...another lesson. We played Sheltie ball down in the garden and Tasha sang a song to him to find the ball. We sing it here now.:) I fell asleep under the round window with the near full moon shining right on me and the sound of frogs buzzing around. Cedar reacted to the frogs, too. It was funny.

Enjoyed a quiet rest of the Sunday working on report cards and playing with my dog. I had another tea"date" with harp boy. He is awfully nice and we enjoyed ourselves and will do it again. He has a nice smile that reaches into his eyes. I hope he is not a weirdo. It doesn't matter though. I am enjoying this for what it is, and I don't need/want/or expect anything else.
On the adoption front, things have opened wide open and fast. Sort of like Frodo, Sam, and Strider getting into one of the elf boats of Lothlorien and moving into the main current. I am in the boat ready to move out. I have a conversation scheduled with one of the program coordinators this afternoon which will provide with me direct steps as to how to proceed. I have a feeling that this January is going to bring a lot of changes. I can't wait to use this summer to recreate this space for family. Coli said she would help and I am finally excited...it's finally happening. Blessings on this day and this journey. Book group is this Friday ..I am looking forward to that.


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