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Thursday, April 19, 2007

It's Thursday. (put in your own expletive or onomatopoeia).
It's been a week of finding it hard to get out of bed but once you're up-hey, well. you're up.
The walks in the morning have been heartening...a chance to breathe...so that I may Breathe ( you know the kind of week where you have to remind yourself that the air goes in this way and goes out that way and how to do it meaningfully and deeply. It's not been panic attack time but could have been.)
(The Rottweiler behind us has been barking since 4 (a.m.). I think the raccoons are up in "his" trees. Cedar and I stayed home to walk in the back yard to train this a.m.. He will have 5 other playmates at doggie daycare today...he'll get plenty of movement. I'll take care of mine at Curves.
I like having a dog who answers to "Squishy". It seems to fit.
The two of us played some good Sheltie ball yesterday.
I also had the chance to hear about my neighbor's trip driving around the country in the fall in his version of a Peregrin type RV. His journey took him to Civil War battlefields, rock and soul museums, the Duzenburg(sp?) museum, all over the South, up into the mid-Atlantic, the eastern seaboard, even into Maine. Fascinating to hear this and vicariously to "hitch a ride". This kind of an adventure is something I would like to do at some point with a much fancier RV, though. I believe the Yukon and the Canadian Okanogan will come first. Going back to huge lakes, miles of forests, birds on the wing, coffee, music and your thoughts (or a great book on CD)...that's Breathing! I have images of car seats and Squishy in his crate...this is a "good thing" (with credit to Martha).
Need to do my homework for Spalding tonight. I think I have a presentation exam tomorrow. Coffee first.
At school, things have been intense for reasons I may not say. The ripple effect has made it difficult to remain grounded. Prayer, visualizing Grandmother Cedar, keeping my eyes on the prize with the right music and thoughts and books have been the ticket to a more balanced workweek. The synchronicity of what happened in VA and what happened where I work this week was unbelievable,...and quite a heads-up. For the first time, I really spoke my truth about the situation and stood in it. It is a powerful place (more in a quiet, confident, things-will-work-out sense) to know that I can work anywhere...and where I want to work. Support is important....the giving and the receiving.
I am actively offering support and prayers to Sistahs and Sisters of Choice this week (and trying to keep Squishy from taking my dirty unmentionnables outs of the laundry in the bedroom closet)...and the world. I Know we are Held and Loved by Our Loving Source. And that God's Plan will win out...


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