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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It's Tuesday. Full Day #2 back at work. It's going well. "Summer itch" has hit some of the students. I am very tired. Glad to be back. Very tired. Hurt a bit but it keeps getting better everyday. No more stinking pain killers but my brain is still trashed. I look forward to being able to access some of my sweet Life Doings-French Circle, Walks around Green Lake, camping, even cooking something other than tea water and tomato soup.... no complaining here, just sweet lookings-ahead.
We received news today as a faculty that one of our beloved 7/8th grade teachers is in ICU with pneumonia and it is not expected that she is going to come out of this. She fought cancer all last year and now has nothing to fight the infection with. Her family has asked for prayers and loving support from afar. I will hold her and her family and loved ones close in prayer and healing support. I have more than enough to spare. I am so sad for this. I am happy in support that she has chosen not to hurt anymore on this plane and that she is going Home. But she was my friend. And colleague. And spiritual sister in Christ. I have been given my Life back to do what Work and Healing is asked of me. She is going Home. So much Loss. Seems to be the mantra of a 4---and this 4 is Holding all of this as Gift. Because that's what this is. And it is still in Loving Abba's Hands and Bosom. ALL OF IT.
And for those of you curious about it--yes, I am in love. His name is Fletcher. He is wonderful. We are learning about each other. He is a friend from several years back. This was quite a surprise. Gift, too. Impeccable timing. We shall see what happens. Never thought I would have the opportunity to say a succulent "YES!" to this side of Life again and this quiet, sweet, patient man. Didn't need it. And here it is.......
p.s. My email is receiving mail but I am unable to send email out. Working on it with help. It's on the list, right up there with getting the mice out of the basement. Starting to stink down there. Home Depot is on my list after Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and school.


  • At 9:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thank you for the Answer to LOVE!! Yeah, and WOW Fletcher. So you guys wanting to come out to the Other Rickie cabin with us soon! We would love to have both of you out.
    Love, Julie


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