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Monday, May 18, 2009

My dog eats pinecones and dirt.
He doesn't quite get camping. Or maybe he does. So much so that he walks funny for two days afterward, doesn't eat, and acts rather glum until the experience "moves on through". I wondered what he was doing all that time under the picnic table when Mary and I were setting around the campfire. Lydia filled me in while he was filling in her backyard this morning. Took a couple of runs with Dave around her backyard and then he was back to his usual gooney self.

We had a great time camping. Can't tell you how wonderful it felt/feels to be back in that saddle. I want to go out of this life with my camping duds on, lavendar boots included, smelling of campfire smoke. Once again, we attracted some "interesting" folk---someone who just wanted to "pass through" our campsite to get to the lake and he ended up staying at our campfire extolling his own virtues and thinking that as single women we were inclined to do the same. We weren't. We fixed that. Now we just have to prevent that b-sh*t from happening again. We are interested in people but not THAT interested. Esp. not the kind that aren't balanced and who are stoned and drunk. Maybe that's it--we look or act stoned or drunk ourselves? Don't know. Alcohol was at a strict minimum for us this weekend. We forgot to bring anymore that what I had left over after last week. We remembered everything else we needed and if it wasn't there, we didn't need it. Tea, cocoa, cedar boughs, pinecones (Mary and I did not eat our fair share), birdsong, stars, campfires, long walks, naps, working and jawing around the fire, cooking and enjoying being together. Yes, Yes, YES!!!

Went up to the Sultan Session last night at this great place called "Ed's Apples". Got a few-"Are you one of the Raney's?" when I took off my hat. Tried to keep to the back and enjoy the music and the people. Met a group of very beginner dancers who were shy about dancing and we helped to undo that . It was a lovely time. I plan to go again. I also found a wonderful piece of land. Need $895,000. I plan to find out about one little section that has a cabin on it that is on Rice Road. Maybe they would let a piece of it go. I love that part of the world. The will be needing teachers up in Monroe and around there again sometime in the near future.

I am waiting on a visit from my social worker this evening. She is coming to check out Fair Isle. Cedar is passed out on one of his posts. He had to set in every chair in the house this morning between last night and now. It was hilarious. He is King in his own mind. School is proceeding like a loaded freight train. Except I have the illusion that I am copilot.That works. At least for now. I am not drowning in paper work.


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