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Thursday, June 11, 2009

The activity I engaged in this afternoon went very well by my energetic and professional perspective. There's some old-time stuff happening at this particular pedagogical establishment, strategies and programs I haven't heard in use since the early 1990's in San Diego but if something ain't broke, why fix it or change? Unless of course they just haven't been exposed to better or different? Still, it went very well. There were even smiles when I did mention at the end that I was in the adoption process and they mentioned two things--1) That wasn't it a gift from God to be a teacher AND a parent? and 2) That was why the position was open---the former knowledge broker will now be job sharing with the fourth grade teacher---which answered one of my questions---how did this establishment feel about job-sharing. There, I have it. It was quite an afternoon and they even looked through my hastily created portfolio (thank you, geek boyfriend) and were commenting about how they might modify this or that for use at their school. I did not offer to leave the stuff there. I said I got it off my website for family communication. I should hear news after next week about today's activity.

2nd news front: I made an arrangement to visit a special place in Granite Falls the beginning of July. There is a new litter of sable and white Shelties, three of them boys who will need homes in a few weeks. ohmigosh. :)

3rd;y: Got my head shrunk tonight. I am not crazy. There IS a lot going on around me and through me right now. It won't last.


  • At 8:22 AM, Anonymous Avis said…

    It's good to see some good news and hope on the horizon. I'm going to email you with some other stuff... or call me - I think you still have my number.



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