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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sometimes you just gotta be the mountain.
Not go around it. Not go through it. Not go up it. Nope.

Everything minus two drawers of data and assundries have been moved out of that place of work. It is (as one colleague put it yesterday when she came in to ask a question about something else) "wiped clean. Man, you must have a hurting heart." Uhhh-yeah.
She was in that same place last year at her other place of work. I'm not going to hurt no more here. No more. No more. Going to talk with some folks later today about changing that. Gonna put on my big-girl undies and my going-to-meetin' suit and have a chat. And bring some photos of what happens when I hang around kids. And then they can ask me questions if they want to. It's a long drive. And we shall see.

Going to unload my car. Had lots of help yesterday with all that schleppin'. Going to have the chance later this summer to lighten that classroom load. Get rid of stuff. Looking forward to it. Don't need it. Don't want it. stuff is not necessary for quality learning and teaching and relationships. It can help sometimes. But it ain't needed.

Getting on the plane on Sat. morning. Stay tuned if you want to hear more about the Delta doings. I am sooo looking forward to a fried green tomato sandwich with get-back sauce! There are a few things that are making me smile from the inside out these days as this is one of them...and all of the help and support coming through the cosmic waves. I have a digital camera now and some sort of small computer like object that will allow me to upload photos from Jonestown. We shall see. Do my best.


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