Mississippi Moments

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Thank you, Avis.
The rain is falling, falling, falling around me, in me, in my heart.
I'll believe you and all the loving spirits around me who are holding that same thought that the sun will warm all washed clean by the rain.I cannot see it now. can't feel it.
I cannot hope in it.
Most of the time, I am just holding on. And sometimes, just barely. barely.

But this grief, this rain is not getting caught in me. I am living it. letting it move in me, wash through me.

i'm hoping to stomp in its puddles with a little sheltie puppy by my side holding the hand of a little black child. And Fletcher near by in his wellies with an umbrella if he wants one.

Much love. I know that is all there REALLY is.

Keep your fingers crossed folks....there might just be a new job coming this week.
Oh, I'm hoping in the rain, hoping in the rain, what a shiteous feeling but I'm hoping anyway............


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