Mississippi Moments

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Lydia came over today...and brought a surprise. Alice.
And within three seconds I was crying and laughing so hard my insides hurt.
When I closed my eyes, it was Cedar snorting and gap-mouthed grunting and leaning on me and head-butting for attention. He learned at the paws of the "maitresse". And Alice found where the newest rat has gotten in in the basement. I thought I smelled that sharp rat urine smell this morning, and sho'nuff. Alice pinpointed the spot and we found some doo-doo, too.

Two hours of tea, stories, and grunting. Hard but healing.
And Lydia promises not to vacuum in June, just sweep and leave any large hair balls out where I can step on them.

Still getting notes of care, support, Zen from all over the world. This morning's were from Melbourne and Virginia. There are candles lit all over the world for the Airedale wannabee.

I've also made a few contacts and hopefully a puppy will be coming home to Fair Isle after I return from Jonestown. Wouldn't that make a lovely summer?

It is so tough right now. So tough.
Tomorrow we are going nature sketching at Discovery Park.


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