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Thursday, September 07, 2006

All Done! Remember when we had one of the little ones (who are now bigger ones with adult lives and their own little ones) in the highchair in the kitchen and they would be finished with the mush with cheerios...and we would throw up our hands and screech in a singsong kind of way, "ALL DONE!"...I just did that...felt good...all finished with Back to School/Curriculum Night.
The Charlie's Angels thing went out the window--no guns, fake or otherwise, on school property. Our presentation was well received ( or so we think)and now we can get about the real art and science of teaching and learning instead of the PR part. I came home to a quiet house that still carries the scent of the predawn woodstove fire. I received the most delightful email from Shannon about Kellen's wanting the Star Wars auntie to come and babysit. I imagine he thinks I live in the white cabin at Point No Point because I was always in the lawn chair with my coffee right outside of it everytime he went by...I am delighted by that, too. The Force is with us, and I have had another Wish come true. One nephew down, one niece down-12 other beloveds to go. It is my Wish and Intent to create a meaningful relationship with each one of them because up till now, I have not met the standard...and it goes beyond them just knowing my name or knowing I am the weird one who wears a hat...Scott's weird and wears a hat, too.( Sorry, Scott, couldn't help that one.)...I came away tonight remembering words from Micah 5:8...live justly, love tenderly, and walk humbly with Thy God."...


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