Mississippi Moments

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

"..can we ever stop loving those who opened us to ourselves...can we ever express the depth of gratitude in those precious hours my heart exploded and out walked someone new. She played upon the golden sunbeams and sang rhapsodies that will forever feed her days."---Cindy Ruda, "The Flavor of Yesterday"
Thank you, Jean and Laura, and Mike, for time to connect today, to listen, to share, to grieve and to be open to the whispers and glimmers of hope, restoration, new life, abundance. I can't taste it yet, but I can sense it, and it's Real for all of us. Just like the little sister in the window at dance who was banging on the door and wanted to come in and join her sister and the others. We can almost touch the door and then we start the banging! Mike, you can bark, you beautiful old boy-dog!
I enjoyed most of the day despite the headache and tears. All of the lessons went well and the writing workshop class (the part I was at) and then dance. I am looking for a new book to read--something to distract, something intriguing, something not sad or scary or stupid or romantic or heavy or too religious. I don't know where to look . Mayhaps, some Dear One could recommend something.
Friday there is going to be a bonfire--one way or t'other. If the city of Seattle says that Golden Gardens is off limits, then I am hauling out the backyard burner and the remnants of the old deck that have been drying for over a year, and we are going to see some prayers go up in smoke! I just wish I could find my set of Pop's old overalls, the ones held together with duc-tape that Mom saw and took to "fix"...I wonder if I got them back. Not to burn, to shuffle, putter,and poke at the fire in!
Some precious beings came to stay at Fair Isle tonight--a bear named Julius, an old but ready to love doll named Baby, and a Tony the Tiger. We (the angel on my shoulder and me) are starting to find special places for these treasures...it makes what's coming almost Real...time to sleep and wonder if there are any clean underwear for tomorrow. I am not doing laundry until the weekend...


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