Mississippi Moments

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Okay--a couple of A-HA! moments this a.m.
1. Quiet time, solace, and a place to hold that space--be careful what you ask for..you know the rest. SO that's what I have here. All these years, when married and with life, dogs, school, my own schooling, dance, music, pubs, etc...and I would sigh and complain that I never had any time for myself. Take a look, EMR at what's coming down the path or better yet, waiting for you to get there, and there won't be these restful possibilities..BUT WAIT, you have it NOW...But Lord, I really meant I wanted the "red" one and not the "green" one..or something like that...maybe I should just try, THANKS.

2. In order for a house to feel lived in, guess what--SOMEONE HAS TO LIVE IN IT! Two by four moment! I think I'll try this.
3. Being a 4 is not much fun sometimes--these emotional rollercoasters can make you throw up and get turned around. I'm stepping off now.
4. I'm really good at getting the tarp on the RV to cover it and I love how it makes me smile to think of all the places that little home on wheels has carried me and my Beloveds to enjoy and explore...and there's more to come.
5. I'm late for work--yikes.


  • At 9:12 PM, Blogger Colleen said…

    thank you for the little jolt of truth as i started to spin out a little too... love you.


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