Mississippi Moments

Monday, January 22, 2007

it was a hard day, not with the kids, but with other stuff.
i don't even feel like using the shift button tonight.
suffice it to say that Mary J. and I had a quiet, LIfe-giving, sacred prayer and sharing and Bible study time tonight.
I am learning about some other optons regarding the adoption.
I am in conversation with another agency and this feels like a good fit.
There are several more options for a woman like me than at the agency I have been using. there is also another possibility that might be opening up tomorrow, but I don't want to say much about that because it is a serious long shot..and completely up to God---really like this whole thing.
I don't have 40,000 smackers to spend on getting this party started. It shouldn't have to be all about $$.
I don't want to be a guinea pig.
I don't want to push or Taurus anything.
I keep playing by the rules and am getting nothing in return. Nothing.
I am not depressed or hopeless (i was a little bit at school this morning but that didn't last long). I am not fatalistic about this coming to fruition..rather enlivened that something, anything is moving in a "now, you're the next contestant on it's your turn to be a family" game.
I learned some more things about other programs today that shocked my socks off.
I want to know if we know anyone in the bigwig section of Immigration R Us for the U.S. We might just need it.
As I shared with mary j. I don't need a miracle. there are already too many to count in my daily life. right down to bag of apples and red potatoes that materialized on my front porch this evening. much love in going to all on the outside.


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