Mississippi Moments

Monday, May 28, 2007

Ohps, from yesterday..the one other Polaroid of the Perfect Now-
Pulp Fiction Meets Josephine Baker...now before your mind starts to click and whirr with too much, allow me to paint an image because I never have a camera when I want it and besides the perspective I want is never possible because I am in the moment and outside of it being nourished and humored by it in the very same breath...and then it's gone.
Before we danced, the Aunties, the Mommy, were gathered in a semi-circle behind the stage. The magic is on and we are readying to dance...the Papa is onstage and with Grandma-mi, Daddy and Caitlin...and the energy is rising. Little Miss Rowan can hold still about the same amount of time Squishy can when there is a hose or a blueberry scone involved (nada at all)...and she starts to move within this little circle of love and Black Tara Ladies---the one snapshot of v-across-eyes-into-camera moment from Pulp Fiction and the powered ease and lionine turn and spin-ooze-invite-giggle of Josephine Baker (still attired and leopard-free). Add a couple of thrashed hardshoe beats with a semi-toothless grin and the confidence of knowing you are free in your world to dance....I caught it! It was priceless and never need happen again.


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