Mississippi Moments

Monday, May 28, 2007

Squishy has discovered spiders (to sniff, leap, then eat), sand (to dig, leap, then eat), stripped bamboo rods (to chase, leap, then eat), and blueberry scones (back to sniff, leap, then eat). (An aside-I like how somethings are just so perfectly circular and cyclical). Then it's onto the windowseat to preview Squishy TV. He really likes recycling trucks, crows, and the occasional stroller. He has learned to notify me when the silent tea kettle is boiling and I am working on something. That's a handy talent. He doesn't like peek-a-boo but our version is more like the bears in the bed and the little one said roll over and he leaps laterally and then the bear in the bed rolls back the other way just ot make him leap back the way we used to try and leap over the big waves at Point No Point. That was a fun game. This is a fun game. Occasionally the bear moves and he doesn't and we both laugh hysterically. He hiccups when that happens.


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