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Friday, June 15, 2007

Off to the land of fried green tomatoes, the Delta blues, "settin" on the front stoop, delayed justice and really bad vegetarian options at any of the restaurants in Clarkesdale. Not a problem. I checked my journal and my blog from last year and made careful notes about what NOT to order this time round.
It's a nonstop flight from Seattle to Memphis--my kind of trip. A little snoozing, a little reading, a little writing, a little daydreaming, some more reading and we're there!
I put the classroom "to bed" for the summer today. It was methodical, sequential work...just what I needed today. Today was one year since Fiona passed. I am relieved not to be numb with grief and shock and my Heart and Prayers are with those dear ones who have recently put their dear, loving animal family members down. There are no words for comfort. Quiet support is the only thing I can offer and do.

Squishy got off to his first night at Camp Alice with a bang. Lydia has already sent a few photos and a reassuring phone call. He is busy in the play pools bobbing for sausage pieces. He and DAve tried to take Alice's coon toy. There is a photo that gives you a sense of her reaction to that nonsense. He will be fine, have a roadtrip or two, get to be an honorary airedale and then it will be time for me to come home and love on him a bit.
For those of you who are new to this blog, a couple of things. Sometimes I don't edit because I like it that way or I don't care. Sometimes the language is, shall we say, rather expressive...I like it when folks comment if they are touched by something I am sharing. Time to go to bed. 4 am comes quickly. And I can't remember where we put that skinny little ipod thing...it's like a Paris Hilton purse dog...easy to lose and entirely too sleek for the likes of me.


  • At 7:21 AM, Blogger JeanBean said…

    Whoooeee ma suthen sef is jealous! Hope your journey went smoothly. Glad to hear about and see the boy's doings. Do good work and have a passel of fun! More personal stuff coming via email. Hugs

  • At 3:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    We will miss you Miz Ern. See you soon! xoxo, maude


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