Mississippi Moments

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Windy day. Working day. Enjoying Life day.
Already had a long, long walk and look-see up on Phinney Ridge with Sideways Ears Boy and good coffee. All before 7.
Filled out a financial aid form and ordered transcripts.
Checked out summer job opportunities to see if there was anything I was interested in when I come back from me travels.
Doing dishes. Finishing math and writing assessments.
Going to David Clayton's celebration...made a special trip to get rubber chicken key chains. I believe this is an essential part of every grad's future life. Don't have a clue why. It jsut needs to be.
Therapy yesterday-good. hard. took all day to be with what that unleashed. ok, then.
Will also do some unloading from the classroom to home today.
And more play and walk and hang out time with Little Man.


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