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Monday, May 28, 2007

More bliss, please...
Our walk this morning at Shilshole was all that and more...do you ever get into those moods where you do or don't want to be one-on-one with the person in your head? This was one of those early mornings when I just wanted to take a walk with Me because I knew it wouldn't be a shouting match or a wishfest or a whine-a- rama. It would just be Us sharing and listening and taking whatever time we wanted to breathe in the salt-infused breeze, to drink in the best grande latte in our own cup with a handle to hook to our belt when we were finished with it and the soft morning light on the glassened waters of the marina and the dimpled waters of the sound. The quiet morning caressed life into awakening across the way and along the hillside. Osprey circled and circled, then folded wings into the upside down version of what 7 year olds look like when they are in the middle position and are trying to learn how to hold their arms for the beginner three-hand reel. The drop. splash, and reel away with glittering, wiggling fish in tow, all done in one swell foop or one swell swoop or one fell swoop, depending on whose perspective you were taking on the whole endeavor. Magic. Bliss. Grace. Wow.
Then there were the herons this morning, three that I could count, flying, hunting, walking, waiting and holding. The tide was quite low this morning and there was a lot of bird energy and activity. When Squishy and I reached the end near the restored wetlands, we stopped at the beach edge where I like to build labyrinths, sit, and watch. Today was sit, watch, and be wonder-filled at all that was. The smooth, rhythmic ripples of the water, the grey and azurine fusion, the skydances of the hummingbirds vying for territoire, the haggard screeches of the adolescent crows and starlings, the myriad of other seabirds wheeling, diving, settling, drifting...Squishy digging, leaping, and then eating sticks and sand...and then he settled into the cave between my legs and just looked out, that alert sitting up straight stance that Shelties all have..and it was at that precise moment that I felt Fiona on me left and Sadie on my right and Squishy and me au centre...looking out at that space, place, and grace....
We met a few other List-worthies-
-the young woman named Yvonne who was taking launch fees who was reading Emotional Intelligence for her elementary education class.
-the 2 year-old shitz-something named Tino/Bubba who broke away from his person to come over and say hi and play
-the 13 month old brindle pitbull boxer mix named Angel who came over to play
-the 15 year old grey-sprinkled, silver Aussie who we continue to meet just about everytime and who transforms into "puppy" for a few sacred, beautiful moments when he and Cedar meet each time
- the kid with his shovel and dumptruck already deep into his work by 8 o'clock and his parents who were snuggled onto a nearby bench smiling at the scene
-the couple who had walked all the way from the Totem Fish place around to the beach, who made a fire and were sipping coffee and watching the morning unfold while nestled into one another
-the older woman with a pair of mini-schnauzer things who had something to say about us walking by (the dogs not the lady) and her gently chiding way of talking them back into quiet, cohesive meandering instead of the mouthy stretchfest we had caused.
-having a relaxed conversation with My Self about anything...and everything.


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