Mississippi Moments

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It is an 8 Heron Day! It is low tide at Golden Gardens. We made it. There were other animals, too. Some were just waking up after all night partying. Others were still partying. My friend, Will, says I have it wrong when I say things just can't get better. So, I guess it comes down to this. I am Standing in it, Breathing it, Living it, Believing It...with my little dog, too. Especially when I am watching 8 herons gracefully hunting and snapping up fresh, slimy whatevers, the mountains are swathed in grey, and Coli is in my ear singing "Lullabye". It might get better, and I don't need it to...or want it to, either.

Hey, it's Lughnasa in 4 days. Do you have any "Unpacking" you want to do? To lay anything out in the Light to defungi it, or freshen it, or "burn" it...or fix it up for future use? I'm gonna go have a conversation with Sister Tahoma up close. I plan to listen a bunch. I'm bringing the harp, too. For when I don't have English words for what I really have to say.


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