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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

"Nostalgia is sweet and full of poison.
Why think it is important to go on, and to keep going on?
Why cling to thinking of the future and the past?
The present is forever.
There is never anything else."---Gunilla Norris, A Mystic Garden

First of all, Mary J. has given me permission to blog all this.
She doesn't like it that people often think we are "partners" when we are camping.
That simple. And it happened again. (Personally, I am proud to be her "partner". We make a good couple.) We also seem to attract really "interesting" people who want to talk to us. This time it was a woman who offered us a bag of homemade funny brownies to share and her stories to go with it. She was from New Orleans and thought we would understand why a cop pulled her over when she was going around with a bra on her head and smoking a joint. (She says it was her first one. Mary and I don't agree with that tale. First graders can lie better than that...just not about bras and joints. Their stuff is more of "lost" pencils, missing snack, and who's hogging the indigo paint.) This lady wasn't hogging anything. It was ALL out there for God and country to see and enjoy. She also let us know that since she was from New Orleans, she got our situation--because everyone in New Orleans does everyone and that's how it has been for forever and Katrina didn't make any difference in that regard.I guess we were happy to hear it. And all I did was walk over to Mary's side of the ferry to tell her thank you for a great camping trip. Which we did have. Manchester is a sweet place. Love the trails there. And the beach in early, early morning. Tent camping was fine. Cedar thinks the tent is just a big crate for the two of us. While Sadie ate a hole in the front mesh and got out, Cedar doesn't really have that awareness. He tried to jump right through to get at the squirrels a few times and got binged back onto the camping mat. We had a good time. Good fires. Good food. Good conversation. Good relaxing. Looking forward to our next adventure wherever it takes us.
Been working around here like crazy. Trips to Goodwill. Pulled up the old carpet in the second bedroom and removed all the tackstrips and staples. Hard work but totally worth it. The oak in that room is the rich color of my hair---deep sweet red. It's got a bubble in the middle that will need to be fixed but I just can't wait to finish the floors and paint. Then bookshelves and a work corner for me with a reading chair and lamp. A little sanctuary for me and my dog. We have been playing ball in there. It echoes. It reverbs with our laughter and barking. It is high time.

Went down to spend luscious time with the Beloveds at the Field. We had the pleasure of Little Feather's niece, Fiona. She is 6. Like I don't know how to be around that kind of miracle. Hah! It was a treat. And Squishy loves her. Slept ALOT. In the moshpit, a huge raised bed with a circle window out to birds and garden, bordered by bookshelves and lots of pillows. Perfect for all kinds of activities. And it was my first time to nap, dream, snooze, read, stare, think, rest, and linger in that space. I want one for Fair Isle. I'll put it on the list.

Today we (Brigie and her Matt and me) are moving one of the woodpiles, de-mossing the garage, pruning the pear tree, pressure washing the garage and cleaning the gutters. If we can fit in a trip to the dump, then we will. Then I get to go up to dance and perhaps have a conversation with a grandmere from France who is here visiting. After that, Little Feather is coming up with Fiona and we will have some time to enjoy together. She (LF) has a training meeting in Seattle tomorrow and Fiona is going back to her mom and dad's in Bellingham. Fair Isle is a middle meeting point.

I am doing the "energy dance". I still tend to use too much at once. Then I am down for the count the following day. All day. Weird. To me. Still want to be back to "normal". Don't know what that is..yet. Have appointments on Friday this week. Had one yesterday. Hope the news will be well...will deal with that when we come to it. Walking short and several with Squishy during the days. And lots of sheltie-ball in the backyard. Best I can do right now. Heading to Curves when I can. Still falling off the "recovery" stations when I run in place. Bummer. Eating chicken once a week. Body is having a reaction to that.

I am very excited about Turi and her coming experience at the Tallis School. YOU GO, GIRL!

Loved meeting with Book Group Sister-Friends for our monthly gathering. We read A Thousand Splendid Suns. Difficult read. Couldn't finish it. Will later this summer. Caught up in historical writings by Drew Gilpin Faust. Amazing writer. Really knows her stuff and does her research about the American Civil War. Currently reading The Republic of Suffering. Have another on hold at the library about slaveholding women in the south during the War. Also listened to HP #7. Boy, did I miss a ton from when I blew through it in Scotland last summer. It certainly was a roller coaster and a great ending!

All is well in Fletcher Land. Really well.

And Nicole Kidman had a baby named Sunday. On a Tuesday. Well, okay then.


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