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Friday, June 20, 2008

More Ordinary Miracles...and More Musings from "A Mystic Garden" washed down with an organic sauv blanc from New Zealand and a massage.....

"Your feet are not lost.
You are standing on the ground.
Earth supports you in life,
and you are held in it by death.
The elements of earth
are your very substance.
Where is the decline?"

So the next word in my healing journey is that I need to GROUND.
I am scattered. Literally. Energetically. Physically.
It would be to my best healing interest to cease ALL "energy work", looking and thinking and interacting with beings and ways of being that are not part of this ordinary reality. In other words, put "empath erin" to bed and get those feet, hands, heart, face, body into the dirt and guts and Love of Mother Earth. And on top of that, create, do, and become a ritual of integration of LOVING this Earthly Body of Mine.
And my new best friends are kale, mustard greens, green beans, spinach, broccoli, brussel sprouts, and other deep green plant beings. And I'm to consider eating meat--100% organic, vegetarian, free-range, locally raised chicken. At least once a week. And give up the processed soy products that I like so much. Replace those with things called--tempeh, miso, edamame (sp?). Okay then. And drink lots more clean water, keep up the working out (been back at Curves three times this week--YAHOO!, and spend time in my garden. And get my Vitamin D levels checked again and maintain. And flow-up with that mamogram, CT, and bone scan (already on the docket). And find time and friends and places to LAUGH AND LOVE!

So here is the Ordinary Miracle of the week that isn't so ordinary at all-------
I love how the Universe brings/sends/beeps to us the Teachers and Healers that we need and desire. So, I called my cousin who is the 2nd Grade teacher at a school that is near to this little cottage, thinking as I did so, that we would have a gentle, general, generous conversation about what secondgradeland looks like. Instead, the GIFT I came away with was much more than that----first of all, (I wonder if she will be reading this:P)--she is an amazing woman--strong, clear, passionate, creative, dynamic, curious, delightful, powerful--she has no idea of how beautiful she is on the inside or outside---or maybe she does--she shares her beauty and joy freely. Next, her knowledge, wisdom, art, experience, and enthusiasm were mine for the sharing...and BOY! DOES SHE KNOW HER STUFF! Not---knows ABOUT but SHE KNOWS IT< DOES IT< TRIES IT< CREATES IT< FINDS IT< CHANGES WHAT AIN"T WORKING IT.....I plugged in. I drowned in it. I left with my tank much more full than when I arrived. It's not full yet....but oh, it could be, may be, will be. They are lucky that she is on staff there. I am content to learn from her. Some of our time together was like looking in the mirror about 20 years ago. I hope we can connect our groups of learners this coming school year and do service learning projects at Golden Gardens or Discovery Park or the new educational outdoor center and grounds near Seward Park. We will see. And it was fun to catch up on family stuff and life stuff over lunch after. Miracle, folks....yup....be careful what you ask for. YOU GET IT!

The classroom is coming along but I tire very easily still. Been working hard all week to get it done. Will put the rest of it to bed tomorrrow and work from home for awhile. Curriculum development is fun and so is creating a curriculum map/themes for the year.

It is Solstice. Eat something yellow. (Or drink it.)Make your wish/prayer/intention in the Light of what Light you want in your Life. I thank the Lord of Life and Light for ALL of that in my Life.
More from Mystic Garden:
"Can you trust that
out of chaos comes the new?
Order and beauty have fooled many".

Bright, Bright Blessings, Dear Ones!!!


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