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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Soundtrack of my current Life: Dean Crouch Reel Medley--not the first one on the CD but the one closer to the end of the CD but not the fancy, mixed one. This one is peppy, upbeat, simple, and LOOONNNNNGGG! It fits what's going on around here.
I am packing up to go on a little camping adventure with Mary J. With a little sidetrip
to the Field first. Must get out of dodge. Paring down. What is needed vs. what is wanted.
Finished an excellent set of classes at the Leadership Institute at Seattle U all last week. Wow.
Taught my first real dance class since......
Cleaned in this home. Found the floor in three rooms. That's pretty good considering there are only five rooms in this cottage.
The little garden is coming along in the back. The prairie in the front is thriving, too, because the landscraper guy hasn't made it by yet. It will just have to be.
I crashed for 16 hours yesterday--plus a nap. Made it to Curves twice this week. Hurting by Friday so I just hauled water and scrubbed floors and did laundry instead. Lovely quiet walks in the morning with my little dog. And in the evenings sometimes.
He has been having fun at Auntie Lydia's as the photos will show you. Now he gets to spend lots of time with me, at home, doing what we do here.
Darren H. finished the front porch, de-critterization project! Guess what else he pulled out of there? A sharp ax and a crowbar. It actually fell on him. I asked him where the money was that he must have found....no luck.:) What other secrets does this little house hold? When I return from this adventure, he is going to put in French doors in the lavendar room which will not be lavendar for long because Brigie is going to help me take up the carpet, refinish the floor, prime, and paint. We might even knock out part of the wall by the closet and make the closet a walk-in space. I know how to take the doors off now (thank you Colleen:) and Fletcher bought the cottage a tricked-out tool set. I can fix the treadmill now.
Yesterday, I began to work with Kathleen and Michael's sweet boy,P.J. ! He is a dear sweet, funny, curious, eager to learn little man. And cute as a bug's ear. His brother came in with him and his mom. Deco--"Hi. Where are the toys? Don't you have any toys?" I LOVE THAT! We had fun "working"---most of yesterday was assessment to get a bigger picture of what he knows and where we need to go to support his success and fill in a couple of not even holes---just little indentations that we can strengthen for the overall picture. I am looking forward to this. We will also bring up the Toys from the basement and in from the garage!:) It's been a long time since there have been any human kids around here. Be careful what you ask for----you get kids in all forms unless you are specific---mice kids, rat kids, bee kids, wasp kids, dog kids, cat kids, raccoon kids, bird kids...finally human kids---but then I asked for that energy and reality in specific---and oh, look! Thank you, Good and Gracious Lord----
Got some more good news about a friend and colleague. Another of our faculty (former) was diagnosed with cancer and he had his surgery this week. It looks like they got it all and is likely a stage one tumor. Yay. Healing, prayers, and support for him and his family.
I am set for the next couple of months for the care/follow-up appointments that I need. Have a mammogram, Ct and bone scan set, also meetings with a radiologist and also with a general oncologist again. Will make the acupuncture appointments when I get back. The nutritional practice is just that----it is going to take the same kind of attention, intention, and trust, and do that all these other behavioral, mental, physical and emotional changes have taken. That's what it takes to integrate something into your life. Did you know that 90% of all heart patients (by-pass, transplant, whatever else) go back to their regular behaviors and being after surgery?? Don't you find that shocking? I don't. I still want all the things that I want ( talking about food here). So my first steps have been to buy, make, and eat spinach salads twice a week. Tons of good, clean, energized water. exercise some. and tend the garden of things that I will eventually eat. More later. My brain is full. Time to shower and head out the door.


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