Mississippi Moments

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More Dream R Us
...This morning, I woke up to more of this same wonderful thread. Cedar and I had been out and about in a place sort of like Port Townsend. We had met some folks, played with some dogs, referred someone to Sheltie Rescue instead when he wanted to breed his dog to a Sheltie. I told him there were so many other Shelties that needed forever homes. Then we came home here to Fair Isle. I was hacking away at some minor but invasive blackberries to get to the garage. I also cleared out some old rocking chairs and apple boxes and discovered that there was an old but perfectly functioning VW bus back there for us to go camping in! It was dry. The tires were good. It was empty and sort of clean. Then this part of the dream ended as I was getting ready to go in it. In ordinary reality, Cedar and I are off for a walk at Shilshole this morninng. Want to see if I can do the whole thing. Then we are going down to Mt. Rainier for the rest of the week to camp.....


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