Mississippi Moments

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

ALL CLEAN! I'll see them in November for the next round.
And I ate too much good food at Rainier and too much Erin-craptastic style camping food other places so I have a few poundages to get off. They did not tell me that today. I decided that for myself after seeing the weight on the scale. Not bad though. More observations later (or not). I am tired. Been there all day.Thank you Maude for being there. I appreciate you coming down for the news part of the day. And I am proud of myself for doing alright during the "sticking part" and my veins were not cooperating today at all. I have bandages on both arms and in a couple of different places. Love that nanopodtastic thing with Magical Strings and the McKassons. Pretended I was in Scotland and at harp camp. Lovely. Came home to find that the rats are back. The smell is horrible and the poop is everywhere on the back steps. These are pictures of Alice that Lydia used for a contest that she sponsors---what caption would you put with each photo? Pretty funny. Cedar had a great time at Camp. He sits and waits at 4:30 pm for the special little lights to start through the prisms hanging by the back door. I saw this today. He is such a "special" boy...also, I hve lost my phone. It has all the phone numbers of people I want and like to call. So...I am checking emails alot this week. And answering them---now that my brain is working again. LOVE TO EVERYONE......
p.s. Someone asked me what my name meant today and I told them "Peace" in Irish Gaelic...and I didn't snort right after the explanation. I am becoming my Name. Yowsa. For today....


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