Mississippi Moments

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Needed the Village last night and got it. Thanks, Ladies.
Sicheeashun at work has me in a conundrum--getting my response and feelings around it squared away. Not too much inner questioning when I checked in with the Truth Squad.
And it matters that I have that honest, clear feedback. Many thanks.

I also took the suggestion of one of these Villagers and made out my Dream Job list-very specific, down to the details and then put it on the prayer altar with a prayer and gave it to God. Okay then.

Cedar is not feeling well. Working on that one.
The rest of everything else seems balanced. Seems. I am happy to be Me. I am happy to Be in this skin, this world, this life, this Love.

Even if being a Taurus, Celtic, know-it-all with a huge heart is a pain in the rear challenge sometimes.


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