Mississippi Moments

Thursday, June 18, 2009

"You gots a do-good spirit in your soul, and God's gonna bless you."--R. Sans Souci, The Talking Eggs

Much to tell. Many stories. Not much access to the internet. Very busy with the preschoolers, hands-on science, soccer with the teens, soccer with the Family Center children,dodge ball, watching the evening softball games. Working out at the Fitness and Health Club. Luckily, I have been recording my stories and thoughts in my journal. I will commit them to this blog when I return. Which will be a week early. I was called for another job interview and they wanted it to be the next day (yesterday). I told them the soonest I could come was next week. I will be home this weekend. A short time in the South. And I have been changed. For the better.


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